Who Are We?

Global Impact, through Global Leadership

Who Are Ambassadors?

  • Independent Representatives in WorldVentures
  • A hand selected team of chosen leaders who assist production of our events.
  • Ambassadors are known to consistently bring joy, raise standards, and exhibit excellence.
  • Individuals who have a heart to help run WorldVentures live events, and are willing to do whatever it takes.
  • Those who truly embody the culture of WorldVentures.
  • Those who have a true desire to help consistently raise the standard for the WorldVentures event experience

Join Us If…

  • You want to attend our national events from the perspective of a servant leader.
  • You want to have an impact on the participants, and help run the event from more of a “behind the scenes” prospective.
  • You desire exclusive training ONLY provided to a small community of both executives and top leaders in WorldVentures.
  • You embody the company culture, and you’re ready to take your business to the next level.
  • You want to support all facets of production for the event, and are okay not attending the event as a standard participant.
  • You are able to attend the Thursday Ambassador training prior to the event.
  • You have attended one of the four national events. *If applying for The View, you must have attended The View at least once prior to serving.

It is hard to put into words the value the Ambassadors add to our events.  They do anything and everything that is requested of them to enhance the event.

They are skilled, hard working and above all else, they have superior attitudes!

The enthusiasm is contagious and they add even more to our remarkable winning culture at WV!

Marc Accetta

Director of Training, World Ventures


Become an Ambassador