Success Stories

Bringing Joy, Supporting Prosperity and Exhibiting Excellence

The business wasn’t going well for me and I was starting to have issues with belief in my abilities to finish this race. The Ambassador program gave me the chance to regain that belief. Serving for the first time at The View in Madrid, I was sick for the whole time, but  all I wanted was to do my utmost best. I was selected as the 3* Ambassador to come out of that event. All I could think of was  giving my best to the entire team and everyone at the event, and it showed me that giving my best, even when I felt in a position that I wasn’t at the best of my abilities, was not only enough to get me over the finish line, but to absolutely power through that finish line.

For that I have to say thank you to the team, the program and for this amazing company for giving me new found conviction in my abilities, and the power to get back on course and finish this race.

James Hami

Being an Ambassador has helped my business not only in being an even stronger leader on my team, but has also served to bolster my credibility with those that I know and prospects of this opportunity.

Tim Watson

I became an Ambassador expecting nothing in return but it’s just the law that the more you give, the more you get and there’s nothing that I can do about it! I’m now attracting more people to be in my team for the right reasons, my other businesses started to flourish and the number of friends from around the world just keeps getting better! It’s just pure escapism!

Rafeek Abdul

I was at a fork in the road in WV. I didn’t know if staying in was truly for me. So, I decided to serve as an Ambassador as my last event to a company that gave me so much. Being an Ambassador not only made me want to stay in WV, but I haven’t  missed an event in over a year and a half, and I’m working my business daily.

Jamie Dobay

I wanted to serve but also find out more about me and what I could do to grow as an individual, a mother, a strong woman and a leader. Serving was so amazing, after coming out of the event my confidence went up,  Just 2 weeks after the event I qualified for the “Life Style Bonus” and on Dec 31 for Senior Rep..

It was amazing to gain the confidence and to know that all along I had it within me but I needed to BELIEVE in ME!!

I been working on personal development and growing spiritually, mentally, professionally and as a leader with my WV team.

I would not be here if I had not had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing program.

Monica Castillo USA

Being an Ambassador has helped me a great deal in my personal life & my business. Let me start by saying being in this program is an honor. Just being able to provide an input on how to better everyone’s overall experience from event to event is a wonderful feeling in itself. Aside from that being an Ambassador gives me a hands on personal development experience & has caused an immense growth in my business thus far. I’m utterly grateful to Sara Thompson for her leadership. Because of that leadership, I left The View and hit the rank of Director shortly after!

Fawn Brooks

I love the personal development and business training that we get as ambassadors and it has really change the way I conduct not only my business but my life.

Kim Glasker

What I have gotten out of the ambassador program is really priceless and I can really see the dedication and commitment by each and every individual who was there. It does not matter which team,country you come from. As long as you have the heart to serve and give back,you will gain back so much by being an Ambassador. This is my second family which I will not exchange for anything else.

Victor Singapore

When I first signed up to be an ambassador I didn’t know what to expect, but over the weekend I was impacted by so many wonderful people from all over the U.S. after joining WV 3 years ago I had a team and a WV family, but after joining the ambassador team for momentum I found another WV family not only have they taught me to be a better leader but as a expecting mother they taught me that I can be a great mother as well as still chase my dreams and be the best role model for my son. I was scared that being a single mom was going to be a challenge I might not be able to handle but my ambassador family has shown me that I can do it, and they believe in me and that means so much. I now have the confidence that I need. I even have a new mentor from the leadership of Sara, she is so inspirational and I look up to so much as a leader and a single mom. she has shown me that you can have it all, you can be successful and a rock star mom all in one! She told me some words of wisdom that I will never forget, she said “You always wanna remember that the baby is coming into your life, your not coming into the baby’s life.” What I took from that is just because you are having a baby doesn’t mean you can still chase your dreams and be the person you’ve always wanted to be! When you do reach your goals it’s just going to feel that much better because not only have you succeeded but you taught your child that anything is possible and in the future they will succeed as well. I’m thankful for WV and the ambassador program for shaping me into the woman and mother I never thought I could be, Thank you world ventures and my ambassador family!

Annette Jackson